Why You Should Never Forget Dream Warnings

If you see a warning in a dream but you ignore it or you leave this matter for later, you may not be able to prevent something bad that you could avoid if you were prudent.

Many people have said throughout our entire history that we cannot change destiny, even when we predict a tragedy. I could mention many examples, but I suppose that you have heard about unexplained predictions of catastrophes that were verified later, while the person who predicted them could not do anything to prevent them.

This happens because the predictor didn’t truly believe in the prediction first of all, and this is why he or she didn’t do anything special to prevent a bad future event. If you have doubts, you don’t work, and you don’t expose yourself in order to do something dramatic to prevent what will be very bad.

However, when you see a warning in a dream, you must believe in the information you have and care about correcting your mistakes or about preventing other people doing something bad against you. You should never despise a dream warning, and you should never forget it, caring about other matters of your life without paying special attention to them, before it is too late.

Of course, many times you may be in a situation where you’ll predict something bad, but you won’t have the power to change the future for many reasons. However, you are prepared; at least you won’t lose the floor under your feet.

Dream warnings are very serious attempts to help you prevent what will be bad, dangerous or unpleasant.

If you are cautious and you believe in the information you have, doing everything you can in order to guarantee the positive future results you desire, or in order to prevent what could provoke you serious damage, you will be able to change your destiny.

Be wise and pay always attention to all dream warnings, studying the scientific method of dream interpretation with devotion, so that you may be able to easily translate all your dreams without delay.

You see many dreams with future predictions every night, but you don’t understand the warnings, especially because you don’t give them any attention, and mainly, because you cannot understand the dream language.

Now you can learn what the unconscious mind tells you in your dreams thanks to my work, and protect yourself.

You only have to study the dream language the same way you study any other foreign language, and pay attention to all the warnings you see, without forgetting them, like I did when I saw a warning about my blogs… because I had so many other things to care about that I postponed their transference to my own domain name…

And what happened? They were suddenly and unexplainably infected by malware! Three blogs at the same time! This was an attack from my competitors without a doubt, because my work is far superior to theirs. My work reveals the truth to the world, while their statements are false.

Of course, this fact didn’t surprise me, since I had a warning two months before, and it didn’t provoke me any real damage, because now I’m going to prepare a better blog with the content of the four blogs together.

It is tiring to keep four blogs; only one would be much easier for me and more interesting for my readers.

However, it would be much better if I had cared about transferring all my blogs to my own domain before the attack…